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VIP Individual Services

Image Assessment
Your image assessment will begin with an overview of your appearance as it is now and a clear understanding of your current lifestyle, needs, preferences and goals.  We will then determine if your current appearance represents the personal and professional image you are striving to achieve.

Body & Figure Analysis
Using your figure measurements and other details of your body shape, we will determine exactly your shape and the lines best used for balance and proportion of your unique, beautiful body.

Style & Wardrobe Analysis
Dare to become a woman of exceptional style.  We will review your current wardrobe and determine your clothing needs based on the image you want your clothes to project.

Closet Audit
No longer will getting dressed be a time waster and energy zapper.  The closet audit is a fun exercise that results in a closet of ¡°capsules¡± that work now, look fabulous and suit your lifestyle.

Custom Makeup
Chris has developed a line of Skincare and Cosmetics to meet her clients¡¯ needs.  Chosen from the best of NY cosmetic labs, VIP cosmetics offers a full range of colors and formulations.  Whether you prefer a simple natural look or a more dramatic statement, you will learn the expert application techniques to confidently achieve your desired results.

Posture & Poise
It¡¯s never too late to learn correct posture, walking, sitting and stooping techniques.  Your newfound poise will express a confidence that is seen on the outside and felt on the inside.

VIP Network
This is a team of experts who are the best in their field.  They include:  Hair Stylist, Nail Tech, Cosmetic Surgeon & Dental.


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